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Winner of the Best Director Award at the 1998 Sundance Film Festival.A phenomenon since it opened in New York in the summer of 1998, and on its way to becoming a cult classic, Pi is a work of dazzling originality-a science fiction thriller about the haunting journey into the genius mind of a renegade visionary.A brilliant and troubled man, Max Cohen is on the verge of the most important discovery of his life. For the past ten years he has been attempting to decode the numerical pattern beneath the ultimate system of ordered chaos-the stock market. As Max verges on a solution, chaos is swallowing the world around him. He is pursued by an aggressive Wall Street firm set on financial domination as well as by a Kabbalah sect intent on unlocking the secrets behind its ancient holy texts. Max races to crack the code, hoping to defy the madness that looms before him. In succeeding, he uncovers a secret everyone is willing to kill for.Also included with the screenplay is a full journal of how Darren Aronofsky made this award-winning film on a minuscule budget of $60,000, providing practical advice and inspiration to film students and offering film buffs rare insight into how an independent film is made.

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